We offer you a wide range of services:

  1. Project management of construction, which includes a full range of activities (from concept development of future project to “turn-key” submission of the future building).
  2. Placing an order at a local project organization to adapt project to local standards in accordance with the Construction Codes and Regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan and monitoring of its implementation.
  3. Determination and detailing of project tasks.
  4. Preparation of construction site.
  5. Arrangements for demolition of existing buildings.
  6. Search and selection of contractors to conduct excavation, construction and finishing works, execution of external and internal engineering networks, land improvement, landscaping and other works, as well as conclusion of contractor’s agreement.
  7. Preparation and approval of the budget.
  8. Search for materials and equipment.
  9. Assistance on contracts to supply with materials and equipment.
  10. Scheduling supply of materials, equipment, furniture, sanitation and technical equipment, lighting, accessories, etc.
  11. Planning of work schedules and monitoring its implementation.
  12. Planning payment schedule.
  13. Human and resources coordination for successful implementation of the project.
  14. Monitor and assess the implementation of the construction, decoration, landscaping, engineering, etc.
  15. Conformation of project documentation to standards of Construction Codes and Regulations of Republic of Kazakhstan.

Our experts will make your ideas come true.